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Financial Literacy

Giving information about financial literacy to a family who went bankrupt just like telling them there is an elephant in the room. Who will be able to do that? If the entire family doesn’t understand about financial literacy thus unwilling to obey all the various rules which are strict and annoying. It takes two to tango, regarding tightening one’s belt, parents should have one voice. The dissent between husband and wife, plus rejection by the children could become a big issue for the family. Like an old proverb says “Do not bite off more than you can chew”, a family could suffer a broke cause of unbalance between debt and income. Especially if that family insists not to change their lifestyle. Persistent to be look glamour from the outside, while broke inside due to a huge debt.

As a parent, it is our duty to make our children aware of financial literacy. Indeed, it is a hard job. I was forced to leave my children and gave them financial pain, just to raise their awareness. My successful is marked by the willingness of my firstborn children to willing riding motorbike instead of asking a car, using Xiaomi instead of an iPhone. To reach the current stage is making me very proud of them.

They will think twice, thrice, even many times before they owe some money when they try to solve the financial problem by making debt. I’ve been writing a couple of times about debt and try to bring awareness by “Be wise in debt”. For God’s sake, be wise (by not making) in debt. To have a family in a broke situation is really painful.

My personal mission is saving my family from bankruptcy and finally, my children and I are able to spread the words by becoming the changing agent for saving other families from bankruptcy.

For my final words, I keep on pray for the best and not to make misunderstanding in the family causing a pain.
Kisses and hugs for my children and my husband.

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