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And We Can Leave as the Winner

“Karti (not a real name), people changed, their feeling also changed. On marriage life, that’s one reality that we have to deal with. So don’t be surprised if our partner in marriage has changed their feeling, since we also could change. You change, I change.”

No matter who started first. As the wise word said “Prepare the umbrella before it rains”, being prepare for our happiness and wealthy are the most important thing. Begins with having a small house, having your own vehicle, planning and make a standard pension fund, therefore we could stand on our feet without becoming a burden for others in our old age. Do not let our-self living in misery, just because we have no money for living.

By having power and become independent, we won’t make our-self “just accept”, however it allow us to have other option to choose, and allow us for being heartiness if “we are not the one”. By being independent, it won’t make us impose our partner to keep togetherness. Since everything that has been forced, won’t come out with a good result. If our heart is in peace, our children will remain become our blessing. And it is your responsibility.

From now on, stop spying your partner. Stop bringing up mistakes, as human makes mistake. Perfect only belongs to God. Build your own establishment from now on. Prepare your financial independence, prepare your glory for the worst life scenario, and we can leave as the winner.

Happy Kartini’s Day, happy 3rd anniversary rumah batikbali bintangmirA 21st April 2019.

God bless you all.

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